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Also for sale on, an unissued Nazi fireman uniform jacket, an untampered-with Nazi Waffenrock conversion tunic, Wehrmacht rank charts, cap insignia and original uniform patches.
This genuine M1942 steel helmet is offe**SOLD**
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original M1942 Nazi steel helmet

We bought this fine old original M1942 Nazi steel helmet just a few weeks ago from the estate of the US 75th Division Army GI who brought it home in 1945. It was in a footlocker with a black SS non-com cap and miscellaneous German field gear, photos and insignia. Like a great many Nazi helmets made in 1943 and 1944, this one has no decals of any kind.

Nazi helmet liner
leather M1942 steel helmet liner
The liner is original to this helmet ( has never been removed) and is in nice condition with the initials F.S. (first and last name) and Sch.F. (last and first name) written on it in ink. The liner is size-marked with the number 57.

The helmet had no chinstrap when we bought it so we attached a new, nice-quality replacement. Everything else about this helmet is 100% original to the way it came from the estate of the veteran who brought it back.

This helmet is stamped only inside the back flare. It is stamped kp64 (must be hkp for Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke in Lauter) above the lot number 4492. There are NO stamps inside the left flare of this helmet.

This is a fine, original Nazi World War II Stahlhelm that has never been offered for sale, "restored" or tricked up by any of the big show and internet militaria dealers, and has never had a decal or two added to it as so many have!

The all-original paint is a dark grey-green with a fine grit finish on the outside. The finish is worn or chipped around the bottom edge in minor spots (maybe 5%) probably from being used during World War II. The three rivets attaching the liner were painted at the factory with the helmet. The paint inside the helmet contains no grit - it is the same dark color but smooth.
SS helmets
The photograph above was taken on a heavily damaged street in suburban Nürnberg after a group of Waffen-SS soldiers had placed their helmets on their packs on a sidewalk in traditional German Army fashion while guarding Soviet prisoners.  The most interesting thing about the photo is the very small number of helmets bearing helmet decals of any kind.  Out of 46 helmets, only four of them have their silver and black SS decals.  This is your chance to own what very well may have been one of these helmets!



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