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This USMBOOKS web page contains original Third Reich ephemera related to different elections in Nazi Germany and Greater Germany: voting instructions, election IDs, ballots, proof of voting, etc.

Each item is priced individually and includes shipping by 1st Class Mail in the USA. Additional charges apply for Priority Mail, insurance and shipment to countries outside the USA. We are happy to combine shipping.

Volksabstimmungskarte Salzburg 1938
This original 4-1/8 x 6 inch Nazi postcard shows an election plaque showing election results in the Salzburg area. In the text below the eagle and swastika it says that the election plaque from 1921 shown, would be covered up by a plaque with the results of the 10 April 1938 election.
1938 Wahlausweis


This 4-1/8 x 5-3/4 inch card was sent by the Mayor's office to Marie Stipek of Vienna to inform her where to vote on 10 April 1938. The Wahlausweis or Voting ID was for the election about reunification of Austria with Adolf Hitler's Germany.
The Anschluß took place after 97% of Austrians voted yes. Absolutely 100% original, condition exactly as shown.

$25.00 delivered in the USA

Volksabstimmungskarte Salzburg 1938


It also mentions a 2 April 1938 visit to the area by Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring who had urged voters to cast their ballot in favor of reunification of Austria with Adolf Hitler's Germany.

This card was mailed in 1944 and the original green Adolf Hitler stamp is still there, however the address of the recipient was erased. Condition exactly as shown.

$25.00 delivered in the USA

1938 Volksabstimmung
Postcard Lot 136 - left, a colorful 80 year old Nazi postcard produced to commemorate the national vote to incorporate the country of Austria into Adolf Hitler's Greater German Reich on 13 March 1938. This striking 104 x 148 mm card was designed by Professor Richard Klein.

The postcard comes with a pre-printed Ein Volk • Ein Reich • Ein Führer 10 April 1938 postage stamp.  Never mailed, blank back.  Very nice condition, exactly as shown.

$ 17.50 delivered in the USA.


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