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SA dagger
HJ dagger
In the 21st century, Nazi daggers of all sorts have become the most desirable Third Reich collectibles of them all.  They are also the most widely faked and embellished of all Nazi collectibles.  Long before there were "authoritative books and websites" on the subject of Nazi daggers, Golden State Arms Company of Pasadena, California was disposing of them as industrial waste.  With come-on captions and text about fascism and Wagnerian legends, fanatic youth and small lots found by our agent in Europe, Golden State Arms had a great deal to do with popularizing the collecting of Nazi daggers long before the current crop of experts were wearing long pants. Here are three genuine Golden State Arms Nazi dagger ads from the early 1950s brought to you by for your amusement.  Feel free to forward this webpage to anyone you think might enjoy it!
Luftwaffe Dress Dagger


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