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This is an excellent complete example of the very best overall explanation of the internal workings of the government and party infrastructure of Third Reich Germany. The 7-5/8 x 9-1/2 inch, 204 page very, very heavily illustrated hardcover book DU BIST SOFORT IM BILDE - Lebendig-anschauliches Reichsbuerger Handbuch (INSTANT INFORMATION - a Lively Graphic Handbook for Citizens of the Reich) was written and illustrated by Max Eichler and published by J.G. Cramer's Verlag in Erfurt, Germany in 1940.

This book was written and illustrated to explain a very, very complex series of subjects - Nazi racial and other laws, as well as the internal workings of the various paramilitary and military units of the Nazi Party and the German Government - and their relationship to and impact upon the individual, the family and the nation.
Advertising for DU BIST SOFORT IM BILDE explains that every citizen of Nazi Germany had to know their duties and rights, that nobody could stand on the sidelines. It was not enough to know only about your particular field or job, everybody also had to have knowledge about the politics and economics of the country. Not only useful for teachers, business owners or government workers, every German citizens was urged to read this book!
Using hundreds of unique and helpful illustrations done specifically for this book and not found elsewhere, the author dug deeply into those and other fascinating National Socialist subjects like: the life of a German from birth to death, the power of Jews in Germany prior to 1933, laws restricting Jews in Germany, birth and death rates, genealogy, marriage, family, etc. The subject of the rights and limitation of rights for Jews and people with some Jewish blood are covered in depth.
The main portion of DU BIST SOFORT IM BILDE covers subjects such as the First, Second and Third Reich of Germany, the Grossdeutsches Reich and the building of Großdeutschland by Adolf Hitler (Greater Germany with its spring 1938 addition of Austria), the history of the National Socialist Movement, the Program of the NSDAP, the Jewish Problem, the Reichs Leadership including all Ministries, the Gau Leadership, badges and insignia of rank of the NSDAP, Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, SA, SS, HJ, Nazi Police, RAD, NSFK, NSKK, NS-Frauenschaft, the Ordensburgen (Future Leadership of the German Nation), the Party and the State, the Administration of German Lands, the German Wehrmacht, the German Economy, Kraft durch Freude (KdF or Strength through Joy), the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front), the Berufswettkampf, the Reichsnähestand, the Reichskulturkammer (RKK), Schools and Education, Social Security and Healthcare, Courts and Prisons, Marriage, Taxes, Air - Sea - Rail Traffic, German Sport, the Four Year Plan, German Colonies, etc.

This Nazi German citizen handbook DU BIST SOFORT IM BILDE is a very rare book and essential to understanding the Third Reich. This expanded 1940 linen-bound hardcover example is complete and in very good used condition.  No odor.

DU BIST SOFORT IM BILDE - Lebendig-anschauliches Reichsbuerger Handbuch
society in Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler, creator of Greater Germany
Hitlers Greater Germany, Sudetenland
Jews in Nazi Germany
the Jewish Race
mixed Jewish marriage in Nazi Germany
Nazi police
Nazi Germany
administration of Nazi Germany
WHW charity collections
Hitler Youth, HJ
Wehrmacht oath to Hitler
Nazi police uniforms
Nazi Sport Badge in Silver
Nazi Standards and Flags
die deutsche Wehrmacht
Deutsche Baukunst

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