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This is a single 1940 dated stirrup from a German cavalry saddle of the Second World War. We acquired it locally in the High Plains range country of the Black Hills of southwestern South Dakota and can only assume that it came off an anonymous saddle that someone rode locally without any knowledge of its history for the last few decades.
The 5-3/8 inch wide, 5-7/8 inch tall 14-½ ounce steel stirrup is Waffenamt stamped with an eagle and swastika just to the left of the 8 x 35 mm stirrup strap slot at the top. The Waffenamt stamp number is unreadable but there is also a shield shaped manufacturer's logo stamped next to it. The bottom of the stirrup is stamped Reichsheer 1940.
In every other way this is a very typical European Army stirrup with chisel marks on the face where the sole of the rider's boot rests to create an anti-slip surface.

A unique conversation piece just the way it is, or a very hard to find extra. Condition exactly as shown.

Have a look at a Nazi photo publication on Wehrmacht horses for sale on  We are happy to combine shipping to save you money!

This genuine 1940 Nazi cavalry saddle stirrup is offered for sale
for $45.00 delivered by Standard Mail in the continental USA.
   • IF you prefer faster and safer Priority Mail shipping with USPS Tracking add $7.25.
   • IF you wish to purchase highly recommended, but optional insurance, add $3.25.
   • We will be happy to ship abroad at additional cost.  Please inquire.



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