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These Nazi Army combat photo prints are **SOLD**.

We will be happy to ship abroad at additional cost. Please inquire.
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This is a group of 15 full-color art prints, each measuring about 13 x 15 inches. Each print in the set is labeled DAS HEER IM GROSSDEUTSCHEN FREIHEITSKAMPF (The Army in the Greater German Battle for Liberty) and was published for the OKH in Berlin by Förster und Borries in Zwickau, Sachsen, Germany in about 1942.
The prints in this set were published just early enough in the war to be printed on high quality coated white paper stock which gives each print bright, vibrant colors. Almost all prints like these were framed or posted in barracks and classrooms, sent to friends, etc. Even today German antique and militaria dealers frame individual examples from this set and sell them for prices in the $150 to $250 range.
Many of these prints were made from photographs taken in the Soviet Union by Army PK (Propagandakompanie) or combat photographers. Some were taken in the Balkans and Greece and some were taken in arctic regions. Each print bears the name of the PK who took the photo and a caption which describes the picture.
.... Heavy Artillery in the East, Flame Thrower in Action, Mounted Infantry Troop, Supply Column in the East, Infantry Assault Troops in White, River Assault Boats, Supplies for a Grenadier Company, Near the North Pole, Infantry in the Far North, Light Field Gun in Action, Infantry Column Moving Forward, Engineers Repair a Bridge.

All the images are in very good condition.

Nazi Army combat prints
Nazi combat prints
Nazi bridge Wehrmacht Nazi camouflage
Nazi linemen Artillery gun
Subjects in this group of rare prints include Cavalry, Horse-Drawn Artillery, Flak Observer in the Arctic, Linemen at Work, Convoy in the East, Panzerjaeger Grenadier, Washing a Halftrack, March of a Grenadier Company, Infantry on the March, ....