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Arbeitsmaiden am Werk
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German girls exercising
This is a very nice example of the 8 x 11 inch, 136 page very heavily illustrated hard cover book Arbeitsmaiden am Werk or Labor Service Girls at Work as published by Verlag E.A. Seemann of Leipzig in 1940. There is a foreword by Reichsarbeitsführer Konstantin Hierl and an introduction by the Generalarbeitsführer Dr. Wilhelm Decker.
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The introduction covers the concept, the methodology, content and the service performed by Arbeitsmaiden as well as free time activities and the patriotic aspects of being in service to ones country.
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Nazi female labor service
In wonderful, clear full-page illustrations the book shows German labor girls involved in animal husbandry, food production, domestic work like baking, cooking and laundry, the care of children, gardening, haying, harvesting (with a SS man on the scythe - see first photo above), smoking meat, repairing nets, and polishing men’s boots.
Aryan German woman
There are also photographs of groups of girls taking political classes, singing lessons, exercising, decorating tables, celebrating Christmas, singing and playing musical instruments, hiking, sailing, and finally, a Labor Girl saying goodbye to the farmer’s wife in preparation for returning to her family.

An excellent and very comprehensive photo review of the Arbeitsmaiden process in Nazi Germany.
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and a lot of five Nazi Labor Organization magazines.
This Nazi photo book on the Female Labor Service is offered for sale
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