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Mussolini crypt
Mussolini family crypt
San Cassiano Predappio
Il Duce
The photos on this webpage were taken by historians and authors
Ray and Josephine Cowdery on a visit to Italy in October 2009.
Mussolini's Black Shirt
Mussolini's boots
Mussolini's parents
Bruno Mussolini
Birthhouse Mussolini
Fascist Italy
Other members of the Mussolini family in the crypt are: Benito Mussolini's wife Rachele (1890-1979), son Vittorio (1916-1997), son Bruno (1918-1941) and his wife Gina (she drowned in Lake Como 0n 4 May 1946), son Romano (1927-2006), daughter Anna Maria (1929-1968). Eldest daughter Edda Mussolini Ciano (1910-1995) is not in the crypt but her photo hangs on the wall.
Villa Belmonte
28 April 1945 Mezzegra
The picture at the right was taken in the town square of Dongo, Italy where Mussolini and his entourage were captured by Italian communist partisans on 27 April 1945. Fifteen members of the group, mostly members of the German supported Fascist government of the Republic of Salo, were shot on 28 April 1945 in front of the railing overlooking the harbor and Lake Como.

Although the American Army in Como asked to have Mussolini turned over to them for arrest, Mussolini and his mistress Claretta (Clara) Petacci were driven by the communist partisans to the spot in Mezzegra shown in the two photos above where they were shot on 28 April 1945.

For additional information about Benito Mussolini and his family, cick HERE.


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