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Gold Nazi emboss
3. Reich Wapen Muenchen
Festival program of the day’s events
This is a wonderful pair of rare very heavily illustrated soft cover books wih embossed covers, the dark blue and gold Festschrift anlässlich der Eingemeindung von Obermenzing, Untermenzing, Allach, Ludwigsfeld, Solln am 1. Dezember 1938 (Memorial Book Covering the Annexation of the Towns of Obermenzing, Untermenzing, Allach, Ludwigsfeld, Solln on 1 December 1938) and the white and gold program and sheet music for the same day's events.
Muenchen Die Kunst-stadt des neuen Reiches
1 December 1938 Munich
Under the Nazis in Third Reich Germany the city of München (Munich) underwent vast renovations and expansions. München was known as die Hauptstadt der Bewegung or the Capital of the Nazi Movement, and enormous sums were spent to make it one of the most beautiful cities in all of Grossdeutschland. The old north-side airport Oberwiesenfeld was considered too small and too dangerous and a huge new airport was built at Riem. The Führerbau and the NSDAP Verwaltungsbau took their place on the Königsplatz along with much older historical structures.
NSDAP Braunes Haus
Nazi swastika
Adolf Hitler and Frau-Direktor Hermine Hoffmann
Reichsleiter Karl Fiehler
Oberbürgermeister der Hauptstadt der Bewegung Karl Fiehler
These books with their beautifully gold embossed covers were issued to commemorate the events associated with the expansion of the city of Munich to include the suburban towns of Obermenzing, Untermenzing, Ludwigsfeld, Solln and Allach on the west side.
The big dark blue 48-page commemorative book above contains a foreword by Reichsleiter Karl Fiehler and a historical perspective by Bürgermeister Dr. Temple. That is followed by a certificate stating that Adolf Hitler was an honorary citizen of Obermenzing , Allach and Solln.

Then follows information about the size and population expansion for Munich as a result of annexations, color and black & white pictures of some of the area incorporated and photographs of Nazi Officials in charge of the civil governments. There is even a photograph of Adolf Hitler and Frau-Direktor Hermine Hoffmann of Solln who was given the honorary title Hitler-Mutter. The industries of the various annexed towns are discussed including the railroad engine factory of Krauß-Maffei and the SS-Porzellanmanufaktur (Porcelain Factory) in Allach. Nice used condition.
Frauenkirche Munich
Hitler plaque
Bürgermeister Dr. Temple
The 8 x 11-3/4 inch, 6-page beautifully embossed gold and white program of the day's events above, is far rarer than the rare gold and black commemorative book, and contain sheet music for the "Hymne an München" as well as event timetables and transportation information. Nice used condition. 

Munich, Capital of the Nazi Movement
Nazi Putsch memorial at the Feldherrnhalle
The third publication in this lot is the rare "Munich - the City of Art in the New Reich", 8-3/4 x 12 inch, 112 page very heavily illustrated, historical review of Munich and its surroundings and an introduction to the "Nazi" aspects of Munich - the Capital of the Nazi Movement.
The spine is taped but the content of this rare book is in very good condition.
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