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Die Neue Reichskanzlei in Berlin 1939
1939 Moderne Bauformen
Hitler Office Reichschancellery
Reichschancellery postcards
Moderne Bauformen, Monatshefte für Architektur und Raumkunst
The best illustrated architecture and interior design magazine available in Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler was easily the splendid 9-1/4 x 11-1/2 inch MODERNE BAUFORMEN (Modern Building Styles), published by Julius Hoffmann Verlag in Stuttgart. Published by Hoffmann since 1901 the monthly magazine for architects and interior designers averaged around 100 pages per month and dealt with all that was new in the fields of architecture, interior and exterior building design, furniture, decoration, etc. After 1933 MODERNE BAUFORMEN was a principal promoter of Nazi architecture and presented the best of it every month.
Mosaic Hall Reichschancellery
Each issue of MODERNE BAUFORMEN typically featured five or six big, well-illustrated articles about buildings, parts of cities, or works of an architect backed up by strong text and views, plans, details, photographs, etc.   MODERNE BAUFORMEN was intended for an international audience so photographic content was superb with excellent color photos featured in many issues. Issues also contained display advertising for things like books, furniture, construction materials and equipment, paint, mirrors, flooring, appliances, etc.
Nazi architectural drawings
Hitler Office Reichschancellery

Offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page are all twelve heavily illustrated monthly issues of MODERNE BAUFORMEN for the year 1939, bound in hard covers.

Reichschancellery dining room 1939
This 9-3/4 x 11-1/2 inch book has over 600 pages and is in very good, tight condition. No abused pages, nothing cut out, no stains, no foul odor.

This book includes the rare November 1939 issue of MODERNE BAUFORMEN which features a special article by Albert Speer on his New Reichschancellery in Berlin (with 18 color and black & white pictures and architectural plans). The quality of the photos, especially the color photos, is better than in other Third Reich publications and many of the those can not be found elsewhere.
HJ home
NSV Mutter und Kind-Heim
NSV home sculpture
Third Reich farm house designs
Nazi interior design

Subjects covered in this rare Nazi era publication for architects and interior designers include:

Nazi building projects like the Auslandshaus der Hitlerjugend on the Havel river in Berlin (24 exterior and interior photos and 4 architectural drawings); residential homes all over Germany; Italian designs for concrete airplane hangers; superb architect models from the Second German Architecture and Artistic Handwork Exhibition; the 1939 Garden Show in Stuttgart; the new NSV home for mothers and children in Gau Koblenz-Trier (15 exterior and interior photos and 5 architectural drawings); architecture in historical cities in Bohemia and Moravia; Cologne City Hall; the DAF home in Stuttgart (16 exterior and interior photos and 5 architectural drawings); an architectural view of the city of Köln; the rebuilding of the burned out Old Castle of Stuttgart (15 exterior and interior photos and 2 architectural drawings); the industrial Krupp House in Berlin (14 exterior and interior photos, 1 architectural model and 4 architectural drawings); new Nazi and cultural buildings in Vienna; the Hitler Youth Home in Hilden (8 exterior and interior photos and 3 architectural drawings); the work of Fritz Schumacher in Hamburg; furniture design by Gilbert Rohde of New York (6 photos); an architect's view of Leipzig and much more.
Nazi swastika wall banner
Bohemia and Moravia
Building with brick
Nazi eagle and swastika
There are hundreds of photos and architectural drawings of new restaurants, hotels (modern and rustic), casinos, office buildings and factories, churches, and schools as well as interior design drawings for all kinds of furniture, light fixtures, tiled stoves, staircases, candlesticks, even door hinges!
Nazi Propaganda Ministry Berlin
Nazi era furniture design
This book contains a treasure trove of material in the field of Third Reich and Nazi architecture and interior design. It is invaluable information for authors, film makers and perfect for an architecture or interior design teacher.
This huge and heavy book is in very good used condition. No loose pages, no missing / cut out pictures, no finger prints. It has the rubber stamp of the orignal owner, an architect in Darmstadt, on the front flyleaf.

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