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Both the small (Wehrmacht) and the large (civilian) issues of the
Third Reich art magazine Kunst dem Volk August 1942.

Both the small (Wehrmacht) and the large (civilian) issues of the magazine
Kunst dem Volk
for August 1942


This is a rare 5 x 7 inch miniature edition of the magazine Kunst dem Volk published for the month August 1942 by Professor Heinrich Hoffmann. This is the Vienna edition of Sonderheft or Special Issue for the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung München 1942, the Greater German Art Exhibition that opened in Munich on 4 July 1942 in the House of German Art.


The civilian or standard edition of Kunst dem Volk was much larger, about 9 x 12 inches, and contained more art and articles. It opens with the same Hitler painting by Zill and an article about the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung München 1942. This magazine also contains a full-page version of the superb Ernst Krause painting of Sepp Dietrich called Ritterkreuzträger der Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler as well as many more Nazi nudes (paintings and sculptures), a lovely Conrad Hommel illustration of a beautiful lady with a fur hat, etc.

We offer these two rare August 1942 Kunst dem Volk magazines only as a pair.
Good used condition.

This Wehrmacht and civilian example of Kunst dem Volk for August 1942
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With the Wilhelm Sauter painting "Crossing the Upper Rhine River" on the front cover, except for its small size, it looks just like the standard version of the magazine shown below. It has 48 pages whereas the standard issue has 56 pages, and concentrates much more heavily on full-page photographs and less on text.
Because it is the special issue covering the 1942 Greater German Art Exhibition, it features art from that Kunstausstellung in Munich. After a Rudolf G. Zill painting of Adolf Hitler, there is an Adolf Reich painting of a charity wool collection by the Munich NSDAP Ortsgruppe, a Claus Bergen painting of a Kriegsmarine U-Boot, a painting of Hitler's birthplace Braunau by Freidrich Schüz, Nazi nudes by Josef Thorak and Fritz Klimsch among others, still lives, scenery and paintings of rural German life by famous painters like Sepp Hilz, J.P. Junghanns, Anton Müller-Wischin, Willy Kriegel, Erich Erler, Adolf Wissel, Ernst Liebermann and others.
The color reproduction of the material is vastly superior in the civilian magazine to that reproduced in the Wehrmachtsausgabe or military edition. It also contains advertising from art dealers and galleries and a great full-color Semperit ad on the back cover.kunst
Sepp Dietrich, Ritterkreuztraeger der Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, Ernst Krause
Kunst dem Volk  August 1942
Nazi Nude by Fritz Klimsch
Adolf Hitler by Gerhard Zill
Semperit war advertising
Youth by Karl Truppe
Spring of Life, Johann Schult

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