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This Third Reich photo book is called Kriegsmarine am Feind (Navy Against The Enemy) and is subtitled "A Photo Documentary of the German Battle for Freedom At Sea". The author is Friedrich Meier and Verlag Erich Klinghammer published this photo book in Berlin in 1943.
After a foreword by Großadmiral Erich Johann Albert Raeder this 6-7/8 x 9-5/8 inch, 240 page hardcover book starts with pictures of examples of every vessel in the Kriegsmarine fleet: destroyers, minesweepers, PT cruisers, submarines, battleships, etc.
Sprinkled through these amazing photos are the announcements and designs of new decorations and medals such as the Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen (Destroyer War Badge) and the U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen (Submarine War Badge).
Kriegsmarine U-Boot, Nazi submarines
Kriegsmarine am Feind 1943
Kriegsmarine am Feind 1943
Grossadmiral Erich Johann Albert Raeder, Adolf Hitler
Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen (Destroyer War Badge)
Wehrmacht tanks
This is followed by hundreds of fabulous black & white photographs of the participation of the Navy during battles in the Polish and Norwegian campaigns in 1939 and 1940: destruction in and around Danzig, the sinking of enemy ships, sailors like sardines inside U-Boot quarters, Hitler handing out decorations to sailors, Rudolf Hess celebrating Christmas Eve aboard a warship, mines, navy ships transporting Gebirgsjäger, tanks and other materiel to Norway, Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine Raeder arriving by airplane in Oslo to take part in the parade for Hitler's birthday, the German capture of the British Channel Islands, General Dietl, Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring in Gotenhafen, Hitler and Göring at Compiègne to sign the French Surrender in June 1940, etc.
Kriegsmarine binoculars
U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen (Submarine War Badge)
decorated Nazi sailors
Nazi U-Boot with War Flag
victorious Nazi U-Boot crew
Nazi submarine crew listening to a Hitler speech
Wehrbezirks-Kommando in Regensburg
Kriegsmarine lookout in the North Sea
Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Goering
General Dietl
This 400+ photo book should be considered the finest kind of reference material on the Kriegsmarine! This 1943 hardcover edition of Kriegsmarine am Feind is complete and in very good used condition with its original color dust jacket. A stamp on the front flyleaf shows it was once part of the library of the Wehrbezirks-Kommando in Regensburg.

Also for sale on, original Third Reich navy cap tallies
the grave marker of a sailor who died in 1943 and a beautiful original Kriegsmarine print showing a torpedo boat.

This superb 1943 Nazi Kriegsmarine photo book with DJ is offered for
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