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Adolf Hitlers Nazi Germany
KdF Taschenatlas
This original Kraft durch Freude Taschenatlas or Strength Through Joy Pocket Atlas is undated, but looking at the maps we know it was published before 1938. The Saar was part of Nazi Germany already but Austria and Czechoslovakia were not, and the Polish Corridor was still separating Danzig from Hitler's Deutsches Reich.
Reichshauptstadt Berlin, Brandenburg
affordable travel for ALL Germans, not just wealthy Germans
The Third Reich Kraft durch Freude or Strength through Joy organization was part of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front). One of the many things the organization did for German laborers was to organize trips, holidays and recreation for millions of German workers, as they believed travel should not only be for wealthier Germans.
The introduction in this Nazi pocket atlas called Auch du kannst jetzt reisen! or "Nowadays you can travel too!" points that out. This Kraft durch Freude Taschenatlas is labeled as an important travel companion that shows all the beautiful areas that members of the KdF could travel to.

It contains color maps of Hitler's Germany and Europe: Northern Germany, the Baltic Islands, the Pomeranian coast, East Prussia, Brandenburg with Berlin, Silesia, the Erzgebirge, Thuringia and Saxony, Harz Mountains, the Spessart and Odenwald, Western Germany, Black Forest, Lake Constance, Bavaria and the Alps, as well as Scandinavian countries, Iceland, the English Channel, the Mediterranean, the North Sea, Madeira and the Azores.
Inside the back cover and on the backcover is advertising for KdF-Reise-Sparmarken or KdF travel saving stamps that KdF members could purchase to save up for an affordable KdF trip - the same system as saving stamps to purchase a KdF Wagen or Volkswagen.

Georg Westermann of Braunschweig was responsible for the content of this 30-page, 3-¾ x 5-¼ inch Nazi pocket atlas that was published with permission of the Amt für Reisen, Wandern und Urlaub (Office of Travel, Hiking and Holidays) of the Reichsschrifttumskammer (the State Chamber of Literature).

This Kraft durch Freude Taschenatlas is complete and the interior color maps are in very nice condition. Inside the front cover is the name of the original owner.

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