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This 1939 KdF Italy cruise ticket book is **SOLD**.
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KdF cruise
Reinhard Schoen currency exchange
The tickets themselves are both bound and stapled into the book and allowed for various activities both onboard the ship and ashore. The activities includes things like guided city tours, meals, seats at various events, etc.
1939 KdF Rund-um-Italienfahrt
KdF luggage labels
KdF ship Der Deutsche in Naples
Kraft durch Freude
KdF cruise excursion and meal tickets
This 5 x 8 inch, 23 pages bound booklet is a complete series of tickets and/or their stubs related to the 15 - 25 January 1939 Rund-um-Italienfahrt 'Der Deutsche' or the "Cruise Around Italy" of the KdF ship "Der Deutsche". The booklet serial number 569 was sold to Reinhard Schoen for just under 50 Reichsmarks (about $10.00). The tour visited Genoa, Naples, Pompeii, Palermo, the Greek island of Corfu and Venice.
The booklet includes a fold-out map and timetable of the excursion from Genoa around the bottom of Italy and back up through the Adriatic to Venice, and a two-sided instruction sheet on how to use the tickets, ending with the words, Heil Hitler!
There were baggage labels, maps of the cities visited along with historical and tourist information, etc.

There is also an example of the ship's newspaper Neueste Nachrichten der Transocean-Gesellschaft or Latest News from the Trans-Ocean Company dated 23 January 1939. The news that day included Viktor Lütze and the SA, Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano in Yugoslavia, trouble on the Poland-Tschechen border, bombing attacks in Ulster (what's new?), etc.
The booklet included little Italian and Nazi flags that the passenger could use to identify his nationality; the Italian flags remain in the book, the Nazi flags are torn out along the perforations. The return train ticket from Venezia to Düsseldorf is still in the book.
A very rare piece of KdF ephemera that provides a perfect inside look into both the cost and the pleasures of a KdF steamship cruise 73 years ago. home page
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