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anti-Jewish Nazi movie



Of the many anti-Jewish movies made in Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, perhaps the most famous is the Terra film Jud Süß (The Jew Suß) starring Ferdinand Marian, Christina Söderbaum, Werner Krauß and Elsa Elster.
The story tells of the exploits of Suß Oppenheimer, one of the court Jews of the Austro-Hungarian Kaiser in Wien (Vienna). It is openly anti-Jewish, depicting the subject as a societal parasite. Jud Süß premiered at the 1940 Venice Film Festival and played to packed theaters across Nazi Germany in 1940.

This extremely rare motion picture promotional brochure is an absolutely original Illustrierte Film Kurier (Illustrated Movie Messenger) from 1940 which synopsizes the movie and contains credits and many stills from it.
The size of this unique piece of European and cinematic social history is 8-3/4 x 11-1/2 inches (22 x 28 cm). It contains eight very heavily illustrated pages. Guaranteed to be absolutely authentic Third Reich material over 70 years old, in very good condition.  Once folded through the middle.  Has the stamp of a theater named Apollo on the front cover and a previous owner wrote the date 1 December 1940 in small letters in pencil on the S of Süß.
This original Third Reich Jud Süß movie program is offered for
for $95.00 delivered to any address in the United States.
We will be happy to ship abroad at additional cost. Please inquire.
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