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3rd Reich Japanese consulate
This grouping consists of two original letters written on the stationary of the Imperial Japanese General Consul in Wien (Vienna) and a response from the Reichsstatthalter (the highest Nazi civil authority in the Gau).
1943 Japanisches Generalkonsulat
The larger of the two consular letters is dated 11 September 1943 and addressed to the Reichsstatthalter, bears the official 38 mm purple seal of the Japanese Consulate and requests an extension of the expiration date of diplomatic identity documents for members of the staff of Consul Kozo OKUYAMA, and the correction of the residential address for the Consul. The Consulate also enclosed two photos and personal information with this letter and asked the Reichsstatthalter to issue diplomatic identification documents for Mr. Chimyo HORIOKA, the new Japanese Cultural Attaché.
1943 Japanese Consul Wien
The smaller of the two consular letters is dated 27 April 1943 and is signed in ink by hand by General Consul Kozo Okuyama. It expresses his thanks to Dr. Hans Dellbrügge, the Nazi Head of Government in Vienna, for the best wishes Dellbrügge sent to Okuyama upon his appointment as Consul.
The last two items in this grouping are the responses of the Reichsstatthalter to the letter from the Japanese Consulate dated 11 September 1943 and both are dated 15 September 1943. The smaller of these is the official response granting Okuyama’s request for diplomatic documents. The larger of the two is a copy of the official response with annotations showing that the information contained in Okuyama’s letter was passed on to the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) Staatspolizeileitstelle in Wien.

Very interesting diplomatic correspondence at the highest level of government that shows the involvement of the Gestapo in every activity in Germany during the Third Reich. In very nice condition, guaranteed to be authentic Third Reich correspondence.
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