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Unternehmen Barbarossa, 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union
Infanterie im Osten. Vom Einsatz deutscher Infanteristen
Ritterkreuzträger Feldwebel Otto Eske
Infanterie im Osten. Vom Einsatz deutscher Infanteristen
Infanterie im Osten. Vom Einsatz deutscher Infanteristen (Infantry in the East - Operations by German Infantrymen) is a rare hard cover book published for the Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH) by Steirische Verlagsanstalt of Graz in 1943. The 9 x 12-¼ inch, 240 page book, dedicated to the "Incomparable German Infantrymen", was assembled by war correspondent Oberleutnant Dr. Joachim Fischer and has a dozen or so drawings by Wilhelm M. Busch (P. K.).
MP40 Schmeisser
Nazi Wehrmacht Officer
Nazi binoculars
1941 War in Russia
Nazi Gruppenführer
Nazi ESBIT soldier stove
Nazi uniform with boot, helmet, machine gun
The first 43 pages have highly complimentary text about the courageous actions of the Wehrmacht infantry on the east front during Operation Barbarossa. The remaining 239 pages have big impressive, beautiful, highly detailed, mostly full-page photos of the German invasion of the Soviet Union that started the morning of 22 June 1941.
Soviet POW 1941
M43 nazi helmet
Nazi war dead
The clear, close-up war photos show marching soldiers, tanks, Flak, troop interaction with the local population, Landsers on bicycles, horseback and skis, Wehrmacht troops crossing rivers, surrendering Soviet soldiers and POWs, wounded German soldiers, the graves of fallen German soldiers, a statue of Lenin in Nowgorod, Wehrmacht Propaganda Kompanie (war correspondent) film and reconnaissance crews, the Reichskriegsflagge over Kiev, soldiers writing home and eating, Nazi officers, Ritterkreuzträger Feldwebel Otto Eske, battle damage, winter camo, Wehrmacht dogs, etc.
Nazi tanks in the Soviet Union
The photos were taken in places like Kiev, Smolensk, Nowogrodek, Crimea, Jalta, Charkow, on the outskirts of Leningrad - in summer and under horrible winter circumstances. The detail in the photos is great: field gear (binoculars, pouches, belts, straps, goggles, bayonets, mess kits, shovels, saws, pickaxes), machine guns, grenade launchers and ammunition, mortar crew firing a mortar, folding Esbit soldier stove, etc.
Nazi mortar crew firing a mortar
FOLDING Nazi Esbit soldier stove
PK Wilhelm M. Busch
1942 winter iwar n Russia
Above, note that the members of this Stosstrupp do not
have an eagle and swastika on their helmet.
Infanterie im Osten is a rare Third Reich book. This hard cover example has a linen spine and an emboss of the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen on the front cover. The book is complete and in very nice, little used condition. No odor whatsoever.

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