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KdF Wagen
Special Nazi automotive postage stamps canceled at the International
Automobile & Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin in 1939.
SS Feldpost
Several original Feldpost letters including a rare postcard sent by SS-Feldpost
by a Nazi policeman from Munich fighting partisans in Yugoslavia in 1942.
A used and unused Olympia-Schmuckblatt-Telegramm, decorative telegrams produced
by the Deutsche Reichspost especially for the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany.
OKW Zensur
TWO air mail envelopes censored by the OKW sent by 2 different Jewish women in
Nazi Germany to doctors in the USA. Both were deported and murdered by
the Nazis in Riga and Theresienstadt.
KL Dachau
An original December 1944 letter from a young Dachau concentration Camp inmate
to his mother in Prague. Complete with Adolf Hitler postage stamp!
Original Nazi covers or envelopes with 1936 Olympic event
cancelations from Berlin, Kiel and the Chess Olympiade in Munich.
Nazi Munich
Original Third Reich cover that once contained Nazi Party business - with Munich and Nazi Party Day Nuremberg cancelations.
Complete original Deutsche Reichspost commemorative Olympic stamp sheet, canceled on the opening day of the 1936 Summer Olympics, 1 August.
Nazi eagle
Original examples of the Schmuckblattelegramm that were
sold by the Deutsche Reichspost in the Third Reich Germany.
Original Third Reich postcards of LZ 129 Hindenburg and
and envelope canceled on the first US flight of LZ 127, Graf-Zeppelin.
THREE original examples of Nazi Lebenszeichen or Sign of Life cards
sent after Allied air raids in 1944 and one rare Feldpost version.
Original Third Reich postage stamps with historic event cancels
applied in different cities in Bohemia and Moravia in 1941 and 1942.
Complete 1943 set of 12 military themed Deutsches Reich postage stamps.
Complete 1944 set of 13 military themed Grossdeutsches Reich postage stamps.
Dr. Ohnesorge
Nazi philatelics
General-Gouvernement stamps, NSDAP printed matter, HJ envelope, original Nazi cancelations from Warsaw, Braunau, Krakau, Salzburg, Vienna, etc.
Führersonderbriefmarken, limited time special Adolf Hitler stamps.
Original historic American World War II anti-Jewish material.