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Nazi pins, badges, tinnies
A selection of original Third Reich HJ badges, May Day tinnies, RAD,
DRL, RLB and Nazi election stickpins and other assorted Nazi era pins.
Spanish Fascist JONS badge
A rare silver / gold-ish colored metal Spanish Fascist JONS "Yoke and Arrows" badge.
Paratrooper badge
THREE original Third Reich German badges: a Luftwaffe paratrooper badge (Fallschirmschützenabzeichen), a silver Infantry Assault Badge
and a Panzer Assault Badge(Panzerkampfabzeichen).
EK I L/58
An absolutely honest World War II Nazi Iron Cross First Class
with LDO number L/58 stamped on the pin
HJ badge
An assortment of rare 100% original early Nazi 'Day' bagdes (Braunschweig,
Lüdenscheid, Colditz), tinnies, NSKOV cap eagle and a swastika brooch
Reichssportabzeichen mit swastika
An original silver Nazi Sport Badge with swastika, a Reichssportabzeichen
miniature lapel pin and a DRL booklet with requirements for women.
An assortment of original WHW Third Reich charity collection Abzeichen
A genuine Third Reich 2-7/16 inch (62 mm) magnetic bronzed Krim shield (Krimschild).
Nazi Mother's Cross
A genuine RZM marked Ehrenkreuz der deutschen Mutter or Nazi Mother's Cross,
a lapel version in GOLD for every day wear with original ribbon and pin.
An absolutely genuine metal Third Reich Ehrenpreis or honor awardwith a heavy
relief image of a Wehrmacht Funker or radio operation somewhere in the field.
A nice assortment of genuine Third Reich eagle and swastika pins - NO REPRODUCTIONS.
Nazi stickpin
A variety of Third Reich lapel pins from various organizations.
A  very rare Third Reich cloisonné pin of the
UNITAS German whaling company launched in September 1937.