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This special Nazi Rheinland issue of Illustrirte Zeitung is offered for sale for $195.00 delivered by Media Mail in the continental USA.
We will be happy to ship abroad at additional cost. Please inquire. INDEX ITEMS FOR SALE
Die deutsche Luftwaffe
Waffenabzeichen der Luftwaffe
The Leipziger Illustrirte ( also written Jillustrirte) Zeitung or just Illustrirte Zeitung was published weekly in Leipzig, Germany for a very long time before there ever was a Nazi. It prided itself on its liberal use of big photographs and art, and considered itself “Germany’s Illustrated Magazine with the International View.” It was the semi-official record of what went on in the Foreign Service and at the highest echelon of German government. The big 11 x 15 inch magazine typically ran 32 pages (but this special Rheinland edition has 160 pages) and carried multi-page heavily photographic features that other magazines could not match.
The 10 March 1938 issue of the Illustrirte Zeitung we offer here is particularly rare in that it is entirely devoted to the German Rheinland area and its culture and industries. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, the Rhineland was occupied by France and Belgium. On Saturday 7 March of 1936, in violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Wehrmacht forces re-occupied the Rhineland.
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Solingen advertising
Hoerster Blanke Waffen
Adolf Hitler
Hitler Youth
Nazi dagger advertising
This special Rheinland edition of Illustrirte Zeitung contains 160 big, 11 x 15 inch pages of editorial and advertising content, many of which are in full-color. Separate articles feature the Blades Made in Solingen (Nazi swords and daggers), the Industrial Might of the Rheinland, History of the Rhine - History of Germany, Men of the Rhineland in the Leadership of the Nazi Party (Goebbels, Berndt, Ley, Dietrich, Lutze, Terboven, Florian, Kaufmann, Simon, Grohé, d’Alquen, Koch, etc.), Hitler Youth of the Rhineland, Industrial Leaders of te Rhineland, Rhineland Weaving Industries, Rhineland Handwork, Exports, the Rhineland as Center Point of European Traffic, the Great Museum in Trier, New Nazi Buildings in the Rhineland, Art Treasures of the Rhineland, the Cities of Trier, Neuß, Wuppertal, Mönchen-Gladbach, Remscheid, Neuwied, Bonn, Essen, Köln, etc.
Nazi eagle and swastika
Third Reich color advertising
Nazi aviation
The advertising content is superb, featuring ads by many famous German firms such as Hörster Swords and Daggers, Ford Motor Company, Junghans, Thyssen, Friedrich Krupp, Rheinpreussen, Bayer, Reichsgartenschau, Allianz, Linde, City of Solingen, Westdeutscher Beobachter, Rheinmetall-Borsig, Deutsche Bank, Persil, Dresdner Bank, etc.
The spine and the tops of the front and back cover of this huge book-like magazine have been scotch taped. All in all we would rate this issue as being complete and in good general condition. This special edition would be a valued addition to the library of anyone concerned with the commercial products produced in Germany’s Rheinland.


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