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Also for sale on, the very rare 1938 hardcover book
Jagdgeschwader Horst Wessel
and a beautifully printed version
of the "Nazi Anthem" the Horst Wessel Lied.

This Nazi book about the life and death of Horst Wessel is **SOLD**
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The Life and Death of Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel Leben und Sterben
Horst Wessel Standarte
always remember the sacrifices of Horst Wessel, the martyr of the National Socialist Freedom Movement
The Vorwort or foreword of the book Horst Wessel Leben und Sterben (The Life and Death of Horst Wessel) explains the reason it was published: to always remember the sacrifices of Horst Wessel, the martyr of the National Socialist Freedom Movement. The book was meant to show the personality of Horst Wessel, clear and unadorned.
Nazi martyr Horst Wessel
Author Erwin Reitmann explains Horst Wessel's temperament, his love for his fatherland, his idealism and resulting involvement in the early days of the Nazi movement in Berlin. The day and aftermath of his death are covered carefully and Reitmann even interviewed the doctor that operated on Horst Wessel in the hopes of saving his life.
National Socialist Freedom Movement
Nazi swastika flag
SA Sturm 1, Standarte IV in Berlin
Horst Wessel Lied
The book contains many photos of Horst Wessel, his parents house on Jüdenstrasse, Horst Wessel with other members of the Wikingbund and the Berlin SA, the spot where he was murdered, his funeral and grave at the St. Nikolai Cemetery in Berlin covered with wreaths and swastika ribbons, the Standarte Horst Wessel, etc.
Nazi rally
SA Sturm 5
Nazi swastika flags
Horst Wessel Grab Nikolaifriedhof
This 5-3/8 x 8-1/4 inch, 96 page red linen hardcover book with gold blocking on the front cover and spine was published by Steuben-Verlag Potsdam of Berlin in 1933. This example is from the 21-30,000 printing and is in very good, little used condition.
Horst Wessel grave Berlin
PC350: we also offer for sale an original unusued Third Reich photographic postcard of the grave of Horst Wessel at the St. Nikolai cemetery in Berlin.  The 90 x 139 mm card was never mailed and has a blank back.  Very good condition.

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