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NSDAP Kreisleitung Dachau
Der Hoheitsträger - NSDAP magazine
Der Hoheitsträger (The Standard Bearer)
This is a STRENG VERTRAULICH! or Strictly Confidential letter dated 16 December 1938 from the NSDAP Kreisleiter (District Leader) of Dachau in Gau München-Oberbayern to Party Member Keller, leader of the NSDAP Ortsgruppe Sulzemoos regarding an article that appeared in the NSDAP magazine Der Hoheitsträger, issue X/38. The article was published without the knowledge and authorization of the Deputy Führer (Stellvertreter der Führer, Rudolf Hess), and gave a wrong and confusing impression to readers that nothing had been done by the Nazi Party about crowd control problems, according to the Kreisleiter.
In his letter, the Kreisleiter notes that necessary preparations for the deployment of troops in case of crowd control problems had been taken care of, and makes it clear that the editors of Der Hoheitsträger magazine should prohibit the submission of unauthorized opinions about certain matters like this one.
Der Hoheitsträger issue X/38
There was no more important magazine circulated in Nazi Germany than Der Hoheitsträger (The Standard Bearer).

It was published during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler for distribution to Gauleiters, Kreisleiters and other high officials of the Nazi Party and its paramilitary organizations such as Generals of the SS, SA, NSFK, NSKK, etc. It was sent to the Commandant and a select group of Officers at each of the Ordensburgen and to the highest ranking people in the Hitler Youth (HJ), Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD), Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF), etc.
Each copy had a serial number printed across a pad of lines on the back cover, and each issue contained very sensitive information about how to make the Nazi Party look better to the press and public, Nazi ceremonies, Nazi organization, book reviews and even rare critiques of the Nazis themselves.
Confidential Nazi letter
This is an almost
unbelievable historic
piece of correspondence!
It is an original typewritten letter on the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei letterhead of the Dachau Kreisleitung of Gau München-Oberbayern (the NSDAP District of München, Capital of the Nazi Movement) critical of an article in a very rare Nazi magazine Der Hoheitsträger.

The letter was signed off with “Heil Hitler!”, Kreisleiter Walter Ziehnert’s signature in blue pencil and a NSDAP Kreisleitung Dachau rubber stamp with an eagle and swastika. Very rare!

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