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Hitler, Goering, Hindenburg
Heinrich Hoffmann Verlag Nationalsozialistischer Bilder Sortimentskatalog
Adolf Hitler prints
This is a very nice complete original 1938 Heinrich Hoffmann Verlag Nationalsozialistischer Bilder Sortimentskatalog (Heinrich Hoffmann National Socialist Picture Publishers Full-Line Catalog).

As all who deal with this subject know, Heinrich Hoffmann was Hitler’s good friend and personal photographer, the man who hosted an early NSDAP office on Schellingstrasse in München (Munich), and the man who introduced Hitler to his future wife, Eva Braun.

Hitler Bilder
The 1938 Hoffmann catalog consists of 20 big heavily illustrated 9-3/4 x 12-1/2 inch pages and a four-page supplement all bound in grey-green parchment-look soft covers.

This catalog was published shortly after the Hoffmann office was moved from Theresienstrasse 74 to Friedrichstrasse 34 in downtown Munich.

Berghof postcards
3D Raumbild books
Hitler Aquarelle
Hitler bust
The catalog offers and prices all sorts of Hitler, prominent Nazi, Nazi Party history, Führer, Gauleiter, Reichsleiter, Berghof, Wehrmacht, NSKK and other framed and unframed color and black & white prints, photographs, postcards and books. In addition it offers bronze and white metal castings of busts of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring, 3D Raumbild books and a fine selection of Hoffmann’s photographic books. The loose-leaf folios of Hitler’s paintings are also offered and priced.
Hitler postcards
Hoffmann catalogs are extremely difficult to find and this one is in excellent condition. Fundamental material for anyone who collects Third Reich art, prints, photographs or postcards.
This rare black & white Heinrich Hoffmann catalog is
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