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WWII German paratrooper gravity knife by Paul Weyersberg & Co
Weyersberg Nazi paratrooper drop knife

This is a fine original Third Reich example of the standard German parachutist / pilot and aircrew knife of the type carried by all Luftwaffe flying personnel during World War II. The logo on the blade says PAUL WEYERSBERG & CO. SOLINGEN and ROSTFREI for stainless steel.

Nazi paratrooper gravity  knife
The blade has never been sharpened since the knife left the factory and the springs are tight. The beautiful handle wood is in very good condition as can be seen in our photos. The spike is marked with the typical small eagle and what looks like a 3 inside the eagle wings on one side, and the back of the trigger has the number 98 or 86 stamped on it. The trigger spring is unmarked.
The heavy hammer end of the knife DOES NOT have the usual nicks and abrasions from pounding often found on these knives. What wear there is on this knife, is almost all to be found in light rubbing on the nickel plating of the hammer end on the left hand side. As you can see, it is minimal.
The knife is a standard Wehrmacht issue Fallschirmjäger / Flieger (paratrooper / flyer) single-hand Weyersberg brand Kappmesser or chopping knife (often referred to as a drop-knife or gravity knife by some collectors) showing evidence of light use but no abuse. These knives were issued to and carried by all those men supplied with a parachute aboard a plane in the German Luftwaffe so that they could cut or chop themselves out of perilous circumstances in combat, such as becoming entangled in parachute shroud lines, etc. The blade is as sharpened at the Weyersberg factory in Solingen.

As carried in the pocket the 10-1/2 ounce knife is just over 6 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide and about 1 inch thick. With the blade and spike fully extended it is 13-3/4 inches long.

The photo at the left is from a late-war issue of Die Wehrmacht magazine and shows a pilot taking a Kappmesser from one of this zippered leg pockets.
CONDITION: Fine used condition, exactly as shown. The blade function opens, locks open and closes positively. The trigger functions normally and the trigger release pressure is normal. The spike functions normally. This knife was brought back to the USA by a World War II veteran and has never been to a MAX Show. It has not been cleaned-up or tricked-up in any way.  This knife would easily rate an EXC PLUS on the big-deal websites, and would be described with many useless and flowery adjectives and priced at several hundred dollars more.

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