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This USMBOOKS web page contains a selection of 100% original Third Reich Feldpost letters written by, to or about members of the German Wehrmacht.   They are priced individually.

Luftwaffe Erholungsheim Grand-Hotel Alassio
The empty 4 x 5-3/4 inch Third Reich envelope we offer here once contained a letter that was sent by a Nazi Air Force Unteroffizier from the Luftwaffe Erholungsheim (Luftwaffe Convalescent Home) in the Grand-Hotel Alassio. Alassio is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast between Monaco and Genoa and the Grand-Hotel located right on the Mediterranean Sea had been turned into a recuperation facility for Luftwaffe personnel.


Luftwaffe Unteroffizier
Luftwaffe eagle
Grand Hotel Alassio
The envelope no longer contains the letter the Luftwaffe Unteroffizier sent to a Fraulein in Niederdonau but it has two Munich Capital of the Movement swastika cancelations dated 26 October 1942 as the Feldpost from this Luftwaffe post was processed in München.
Note the Luftwaffe Erholungsheim Grand-Hotel Alassio had its own rubber stamp complete with the Nazi eagle and swastika emblem in the middle! 

Rare and absolutely original Third Reich philatelic material. Condition as shown.
Offered for sale for $17.50 delivered by 1st Class Mail in the USA. 
Additional charges apply for insurance, Priority Mail or shipping abroad.  Please inquire.

The images and the entire text used on this and all other USMBOOKS web pages are the copyrighted property of USM Inc.  Those images and the text may be used by others ONLY AFTER completion of a formal international licensing agreement and payment of a licensing fee! It is therefore, illegal for anyone to take any of the material found on and use it for their own purposes without our written permission, irrespective of any excuse they may feel they have for doing so.
Warmbadeanstalt Johannsen, Nordseebad Büsum in Holstein

This letter was mailed on 13 October 1943 to Obergefreiter Heinz Pomarius, Feldpost Nr. 46535 by his mother, part owner of the Warmbadeanstalt Johannsen, a health spa facility in the popular resort town of Büsum in Holstein on the North Sea coast.

When the 4-1/2 x 6-3/8 inch envelope containg the letter arrived, Lieber Heinzi was already dead. The front of the envelope was marked "Fallen for Greater Germany" under the crossed out Feldpost number and the letter was returned to the Pomarius family in Büsum. 

Envelope was carefully cut open along the top edge. Condition exactly as shown.


Offered for sale for $18.50 delivered by 1st Class Mail in the USA. 
Additional charges apply for insurance, Priority Mail or shipping abroad.  Please inquire.
Nazi Feldpost on the East Front
The 1942 SS-Feldpost card sent by Polizei Rottenführer Hefner is for sale
for $95.00 delivered by 1st Class Mail in the continental USA. (item ZG) 
Additional charges apply for insurance, Priority Mail or shipping abroad.  Please inquire.


This Third Reich grouping consists of twelve pieces related to Soldat Leonard Buchhauser, Feldpost Nummer 26824B (Infanterie-Regiment 118).   The lot includes a Feldpostkarte sent by Leonard Buchhauser on 29 August 1942 informing his wife Johanna Buchhauser in Wien (Vienna) of the Feldpost number to use when writing to him. There are additional Feldpostkarten sent by Buchhauser to his wife with handwritten notes in pencil dated 12 October 1942, 26 October 1942, 6 December 1942, and 8 January 1943.

The lot also includes the birthday card Soldat Buchhauser sent by Feldpost from Mährische Ostrau (now Ostrava in the Czech Republic) to his wife on 22 Aril 1942 and he also sent a birthday card to his mother by Feldpost from Mährische Ostrau on 12 May 1942.

There are three picture postcards, two of them mailed to ladies in Munich and Cologne in 1942 as well as a 4-1/8 x 6-¼ inch business card from the Lord Mayor of Braunschweig and part of a Nazi ration card from March 1945. Condition as shown above.
The Soldat Leonard Buchhauser Feldpost lot above is for sale for
$37.50 delivered by Standard Post in the continental USA. 
Additional charges apply for insurance, Priority Mail or shipping abroad.  Please inquire.
SS and Nazi Police at the Front
Nazi German Police


On 6 April 1941, Nazi Germany, Italy and Hungary invaded Yugoslavia and the country was 'trisected'. The Third Reich annexed Slovenian Styria, Upper Carniola, Slovenian Carinthia, and the Lower Sava Valley. Italy annexed southeast Slovenia with Ljubljana, and Hungary annexed Prekmurje. The Bulgarian army moved in on 19 April 1941, occupying parts of Macedonia and some districts of eastern Serbia.

After its annexation, Lower Styria in Slovenia was called Untersteiermark. Dr. Siegfried Uiberreither, already the NSDAP Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter of Steiermark (Styria) became the Chief of the Civil Administration of Untersteiermark. In Lower Styria the commander of the Nazi security police and SS security service was in charge of local law enforcement during the first year (a civil judiciary organization, as the first stage in the establishment of a regular judiciary, did not start work until the spring of 1942).
A policy of strict Germanization was introduced in Untersteiermark. Public use of Slovene language was prohibited and all Slovene associations were dissolved. Members of all Slovene professional and intellectual groups, including many clergymen, were expelled. Between April 1941 and May 1942, around 80,000 Slovenes (almost 15% of the overall population) were expelled from Untersteiermark, or resettled to other parts of the German Reich.
As a result, a resistance movement developed and there was fierce fighting between German troops and Slovene partisan units in Untersteiermark, especially those who were Communists and affiliated with Marshal 'Tito'.

For sale on this USMBOOKS web page is a 3-¼ x 5-½ inch deckle edge Nazi postcard showing the railway station in the town of Zagorje ob Savi in central Slovenia (the railway station is still there today and looks the same). The town is called Sagor in German and is located on the Save river 32 miles east of Ljubljana.

The card was sent by Polizei Rottenführer Hefner of Reserve-Polizei-Bataillon 72/2 to his wife Therese Hefner in Munich by SS-Feldpost on 20 April 1942. Reserve Police Battalion 72 was formed in the München area and was sent to Slovenia to fight the local partisans as part of a military formation of the Nazi Ordnungspolizei (Orpo or Order Police). It was part of "Polizei-Regiment Endler" and was heavily involved in fighting and eradicating resistance. Such police battalions gained further notoriety in their work in conjunction with SS Einsatzgruppen in the extermination of Jews and Communist partisans in both Poland and in the Soviet Union after the German invasion of the USSSR in 1941.

Very rare, in very good condition and 100% original to the Third Reich period.
Soldat Leonard Buchhauser, Feldpost Nummer 26824B (Infanterie-Regiment 118)

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