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HITLER with Nazi Fallschirmjaeger of Eben Emael
Soldaten fallen vom Himmel, Walter Gericke
Generalleutnant Karl Student, Luftwaffe paratroop general
Nazi paratrooper photo book
German paratroop history
Nazi paratrooper badge
Nazi paratrooper training
Nazi paratrooper training
Nazi paratrooper helmet
1940 Nazi invasion of the West
Nazi paratrooper training
Nazi paratrooper training
Luftwaffe airplane
1940 Nazi invasion of the West
1940 Sieg im Westen
This is a very good example of the very heavily illustrated hardcover book SOLDATEN FALLEN VOM HIMMEL (Soldiers Falling From The Sky) by Walter Gericke as published in 1940 by Schützen Verlag in Berlin.   Author Gericke was a Fallschirmjäger Battalion Commander during World War II and fought in Crete and Italy.
The well-written book introduces readers to the concept of parachutes and parachute troops from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and Garnerins to Leroux and Irwin, to the Third Reich in Germany. It shows parachutists from several countries (even an aircraft being dropped by parachutes) and then concentrates on the design, manufacture, packing and use of German parachutes.
The 6-1/2 x 9-3/8 inch, 120 page hardcover book shows and explains German Fallschirmjäger training, from tumbling on a mat through maneuvers with live ammunition, and the requirements for becoming a Wehrmacht parachutist.
The last section of Soldaten fallen vom Himmel shows the important roll of the Nazi paratroopers in the May 1940 German invasion of Western Europe: Eben Emael in Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway. These countries would not have capitulated so quickly if it had not been for the Nazi Fallschirmjäger.
Great photographs and a wonderful German text. Soldaten fallen vom Himmel was a very popular book during the Third Reich and was published in Swedish, Rumanian and Czech as well. This German example is complete and in very good condition. No odor.

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So wird man Fallschirmjaeger and a 100% original Nazi paratrooper badge.

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