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Jews of the world unite
England So - und So! Georg Buderose
Winston Churchill
Printed in early winter 1939 by Verlag Scherl of Berlin England So - und So! (England as it Appears and as it Really Is!) is a 6-1/4 x 8-7/8 inch, 80 page very heavily illustrated soft cover Nazi book intended to give German readers a look at their new enemy Britain, as it appeared in the movies and magazines and as it really was. It was written by Georg Buderose.
Wallis Simpson
With every imaginable negative image England is shown as a society of wealthy Jewish war mongers governing and exploiting a downtrodden class of unhealthy, unhappy factory workers and colonial occupation troops.
Nazis in Prague
Brits are seen boycotting everything German and Japanese while they mistreat colonial populations and Palestinians in order to create more wealth for the ruling class and a homeland for the Jews. The extremely anti-Semitic book depicts wealthy British Jews in a most negative manner, and Winston Churchill as a bumbling fool. The disparities between rich and poor, Brits and colonials, owners and workers, and the educated and ignorant are given great coverage.

In the end, the book suggests that despite Winston Churchill’s war-mongering activities it is a swastika flag that flies over Vienna, Danzig and Prague, and not the Union Jack! The pay out of British foreign policy is certain to be prisoners, poverty and defeat.

A rare historical document in very good condition.

Aga Kahn