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Ein Volk steht auf, 53 Tage nationaler Revolution
Hindenburg declaration 1 February 1933
Hotel Kaiserhof Berlin 1933
Auwi, Prinz August Wilhelm
Nazi armband, swastika flags
Berliner Dom 1. Februar 1933
Brandenburg Gate Berlin with Nazi flag
Adolf Hitler Strasse street sign
Ein Volk steht auf, 53 Tage nationaler Revolution (A Nation Rises - 53 Days of National Revolution) is an extremely rare Nazi book, a heavily illustrated photo documentary of the 53 days leading up to the day Adolf Hitler was appointed Reichschancellor of Germany by German President Paul von Hindenburg.  This First Edition was published in 1933 by Rowohlt Verlag in Berlin .  
The 120 photos in this book are not half-toned in the regular way (with a dot pattern), but are printed by a method called rotogravure which produces something that looks somewhat more like a photo.
The book has an introduction by Wilhelm Scheuermann and photos by Heinrich Hoffmann, Keystone, Scherl, Ullstein, Associated Press and others. They show Hitler leaving the Hotel Kaiserhof, in the Reichschancellery in Berlin, with members of his new cabinet, Graf Helldorf, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Prinz August Wilhelm, Reichsminister Hermann Goering, Minister Seldte, Admiral Raeder, the burned-out Reichstag building, Communist street fighters, election ballots, jubilant Hitler supporters in Berlin and Munich, huge parades, Hitler Youth boys and BdM girls, political prisoners, the Horst Wessel Haus in Berlin, the parliamentary ceremonies in Garnisonkirche in Potsdam on 21 March 1933, the temporary Parliament in the Kroll Opera in Berlin, etc., etc.
This 84 year old 6 x 8-7/8 inch, 80-page softcover Third Reich book with its striking cover is complete and in very nice used condition. It was once a part of the library of the Civil Servant Department of the Nazi Party in Regensburg. Their eagle and swastika stamp is inside the front cover and on the title page.

We were able to find only a couple of examples of this rare Third Reich book online in Europe, and a not-quite-so-good example is offered for sale for over $1400.00!!!!!
NSDAP Kreis Regensburg

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This 1933 First Edition of Ein Volk steht auf is **SOLD**
USM book #882
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