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This fine, complete example of "Germany Awakened" is **SOLD**.
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Deutschland Erwacht Nazi photo book
Saalschlacht Felix Albrecht
Führer Adolf Hitler
Nazi Blood Flag Felix Albrecht
Nazi Blutfahne
Adolf Hitler in uniform
Nazi Putsch victims
Hitler, Grimminger and the Blood Flag (Blutfahne)
The huge 9-1/2 x 12-1/2 inch, 152-page very heavily illustrated hard cover book is a very good example of Deutschland Erwacht (Germany Awakened) published for the NSDAP in Germany by Cigaretten Bilderdienst of Altona-Bahrenfeld probably about 1938. It is from the edition of 1176 to 1275 thousand.

The book is the Nazi Party's tribute to itself and consists of a very substantial well-written German text, two full-page illustrations in color, over 160 black & white photos pasted in, and one huge fold-out photo taken at a Nazi Party rally in Nürnberg that measures 12 inches tall by over 4 FEET long!
The book covers every conceivable aspect of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party including major personalities, early meetings, the 1923 Beer Hall "Putsch", electioneering, Braunes Haus, fighting the Communists, the SA, the SS, the Hitler Youth (HJ), BdM, Party Rallies, winning power in Germany, the Berghof, etc., etc.
Deutschland Erwache standards
Nazi Iron Cross
Nazi rallies
Standartenweihe im Luitpoldhain 1933
The hard cover is embossed with gold blocking of the title and the profile of a Nazi against an embossed swastika in an oak leaf wreath. Photos include Hitler, Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, Reichsminister Hermann Göring, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, Julius Schreck, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Horst Wessel, Grimminger and the Blood Flag (Blutfahne), the Italian Avantguardia, Ritter von Epp, all the Putsch martyrs, Stosstruppe Hitler, the Putsch, Hitler's birth house in Braunau, the first office of the NSDAP, the first Reichsparteitag in München in 1923, Deutscher Tag in Nürnberg in 1923, rows of Deutschland Erwache standards, Reinhard Heydrich, SS-General Joseph "Sepp" Dietrich, the beginning of the Reichautobahn, etc., etc.
This original edition of Deutschland Erwacht is in very nice original condition. It is complete with all photographs and the big fold-out section in the back.   The original dust jacket is in nice shape too!  No odor.

This is an original Third Reich cigarette card album / book, not a modern reprint.
This is a very fine original Third Reich book containing dozens of period photos including a full-page portrait of Nazi Party Führer Adolf Hitler and SA Chief of Staff (Stabschef der SA) Viktor Lutze.  It comes with its original period dust jacket which is also in very nice original condition.

At the time this book was published in 1933, it was the first very high quality publishing effort of the Nazi Party in the wake of their election victories earlier in 1933, and after Adolf Hitler was appointed Germany's 23rd Chancellor.
Deutschland Erwacht with DJ



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