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HJ Pimpf, HJ Trommel
Deutsche Kinderwelt 1935 and 1936
Deutsche Kinderwelt 1936
The 7-¾ x 11 inch softcover volume shown left contains 10 bound issues of the original Third Reich children's publication Deutsche Kinderwelt or German Children's World, a heavily color illustrated bi-weekly magazine for young children in Nazi Germany published by Verlag Emil Pinkau & Co. of Leipzig.
The TEN issues of Deutsche Kinderwelt are: eight issues from the year 1935 (number 7, 10, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25) and two issues from the year 1936 (number 3 and 6), all with loverly color illustrations by Bruno Zwiener. Each 1935 issue has a colorful masthead of two Hitler Youth boys, one with a HJ banner and the other with a HJ drum and two small girls carrying flowers. While the content of 1936 issues of Deutsche Kinderwelt still had National Socialist undertones, the masthead changed to a boy and girl reading outdoors surrounded by flowers and fairies (shown directly above).
Deutsche Kinderwelt Jahrgang 1935 Nr. 14
I Saw the Führer
Deutsche Kinderwelt
These educational children's magazines have short and longer stories such as "Day of the German Mother", "I Saw the Führer", Spring and Christmas, baking bread, pets and animals in the zoo, as well as poems, games, fairy tales, songs, puzzles, educational things like how to make paper lanterns, toys, etc. All accompanied by very nice illustrations in color and black & white.
Nazi educational children’s magazines
Each magazine bound in the blue covers is complete. Please note that a previous owner de-Nazified the HJ banner on the masthead of the 1935 issues and later changed his or her mind and drew the swastika back on with a ballpoint pen. This is why we offer these 80 year old issues of Deutsche Kinderwelt at a reduced price.  The person who bound these Third Reich children's magazines wrote the issue numbers in pencil on the front flyleaf. 
Nazi childrens illustrations

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These TEN bound 1935 and 1936 issues of Deutsche Kinderwelt are offered
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FROM 1935 AND 1936

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