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Hitler in his Mercedes-Benz
Nazi swastika banners
Das Jahr II by Wulf Bley
Hitler and Winifred Wagner
Feldherrnhalle Muenchen
Nuremberg, the City of Nazi Party Days
3. Reich Festschmuck
This heavily illustrated hardcover photo book Das Jahr II by Wulf Bley was published in 1935 and looks back on the second year of National Socialist power in Germany - achievements by and facts about the NSDAP in the year 1934. The 7-1/8 x 9-¾ inch, 112 page hardcover book has 64 carefully selected photographs that illustrate those achievements and a foreword by Ministerpräsident Hermann Göring. It was published by Freiheitsverlag GmbH of Berlin in the same format as the similar book published in 1933 (see link at the bottom of this USMBOOKS web page).
This original 80+ year old Third Reich book recapping the second year of National Socialist power in Germany is complete and in good used condition. The stain on the front cover is visible on our cover photo above.  It appears to be glue or photo album page residue.
Text covers foreign and domestic politics, culture and the economy. There is a full-page 45th birthday portrait of Adolf Hitler, photos of large RAD rallies, Rudolf Hess, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler and Winifred Wagner at the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone for the Richard Wagner Memorial, May Day and celebrating German workers, Hitler Youth, Police General Kurt Daluege, Reichsbankpräsident Schacht, Dr. Goebbels in Warsaw, Hitler's visit to Benito Mussolini in Italy, SA Stabschef Viktor Lutze, Dr. Robert Ley at the christening of the KdF ship "Der Deutsche", the death of Feldmarschall Hindenburg, Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, Hitler's visit to the famous Hamburg Vulkan-Werft, Hitler at the 1934 Parteitag des Einheit und Stärke (Nazi Party Days of Unity and Strength) in Nürnberg in September, Hitler speaking at the Feldherrnhalle during the 11th anniversary of the failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, Hermann Göring collecting money for the WHW, as well as coverage of the elections regarding the return of the Saar to Germany.

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