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These 15 illustrated English language hard cover books about
Nazi concentration camps are **SOLD**.
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Nazi concentration camp victims
These English language books on Nazi concentration camps were originally published in French by Christian Bernadac (1937-2003), a French journalist and author. The publisher was Ferni Publishing House and opposite the title page on all four hardcover books it says "This Edition is Reserved for Friends of History".
The titles of the books by Christian Bernadac we offer here are:
DOCTORS OF MERCY (published in 1977, copyright 1968), DEVIL'S DOCTORS (published in 1978, copyright 1967), CAMP FOR WOMEN (Ravensbrück, published in 1978, copyright 1968), WITCHES OF GOD (published in 1978, copyright 1969), THE DEATH TRAIN (published in 1978, copyright 1970), THE NINTH CIRCLE (Mauthausen volume 2, published in 1978 copyright 1972), THE NAKED PUPPETS (published in 1978, copyright 1972), WOMEN'S KOMMANDO'S (published in 1978, copyright 1973), THE 186 STEPS (Mauthausen, published in 1978, copyright 1974) and DAYS WITHOUT END (published in 1978, copyright 1976).
Female inmates at Ravensbrück concentration camp
Nazi eagle and swastika
SS books in English
Nazi concentration camp system
Allied bombing
The remaining five English language books have different authors. The publisher was also Ferni Publishing House but opposite the title page it says "This Edition is Reserved for Pleasant Valley Press".   They are:
AUSCHWITZ by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli (published in 1979, copyright 1960), THE RED TRIANGLE by Catherine Roux (published in 1979, copyright 1969), VOLUNTARY HOSTAGES OF THE SS by Drago Arsenijevic (published in 1979, copyright 1974), THE PAVEMENT OF HELL by Leonard Tushnet (published in 1979, copyright 1972), OF PURE BLOOD by Marc Hillel and Clarissa Henry (published in 1979, copyright 1975).

All fifteen 5 x 7-3/4 inch books have an eagle and swastika on the spine and hard cover and a map of Europe showing the Nazi concentration camps inside the front and back cover.   They contain lots of photographs, many not found in other books about the Holocaust.

All 15 books, over 4500 pages, are in very good condition.
WW2 airplane crash
Concentration Camp victims



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