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Norddeutscher Lloyd Lines Steamship ,,Berlin''
Norddeutscher Lloyd Lines Steamship The steamship Berlin was not the largest but was certainly one of the most beautiful ships in the Norddeutscher Lloyd Lines fleet. She was built in Bremen, Germany in 1925 and weighed 15,300 tons. With a length 549 feet, she was able to carry 850 passengers in luxury and comfort.
Nazi Party Deutsche Arbeitsfront- Kraft durch Freude Menu
The ship provided Bremerhaven - New York service during the 1930s until she was leased to the Nazi Party Deutsche Arbeitsfront- Kraft durch Freude (German Labor Front Community Strength through Joy or DAF - KdF) paramilitary organization in 1939.

The Berlin was used as a German Forces hospital ship in Norway during the early part of World War II and she transported refugees fleeing the Red Army in East Prussia later in the war. Beautiful Berlin fell into Russian hands in 1945 and was reconstituted in Soviet service as the “Admiral Nakhmimov”.

The original material from the Berlin that we offer here comes from the most glorious days of her North Atlantic service. It includes a beautiful large 7-3/4 x 11 inch, 4-page German/English Lunch menu with a spectacular painting of a Norddeutscher Lloyd ship on the back cover (pictured above); a beautiful large 7-3/4 x 11 inch, 4-page German/English Dinner menu with a splendid picture of the City Hall and Cathedral of Bremen on the front cover and a history of the city in three languages on the back cover; a lovely 5 x 8 inch gold embossed concert program; a 4-page, 5 x 8 inch German/English meatless Lunch menu and a 4-page, 5 x 8 inch German/English meatless Dinner menu, all for Friday 4 June 1937.
NDL menu 1937
This historic steamship Berlin grouping is complete and in very good condition. The spine of the large Lunch menu has been taped but very carefully.

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This Nazi Steamship Berlin grouping is offered for sale
for $55.00 delivered worldwide.
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