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75mm artillery shell - INERT - no shrapnel
Scovill Model 1907M

We listed this historic INERT piece on eBay but it was immediately removed as we did not follow their "Ammunition Policy" which does not allow the sale of ammunition or components to make ammunition. We know nothing about artillery shells but we do know that this antique one is completely empty and inert.

INERT 75mm artillery shell
Scovill Model 1907M
PART 1, the brass shell casing, is about 3 inches in diameter at the top, 3-7/8 inches in diameter at the bottom, about 13-3/4 inches long, is empty and weighs about 3 pounds. It is stamped on the end very lightly R LOT P 251 212 and more heavily with a flaming ordnance bomb and 75mm GUN LOT 1272-56 E.M.C.
PART 3 is the Scovill Model 1907M 21-second brass combination fuse that is stamped LOT 11391-12 P11391-18 SCOVILL MODEL 1907M. The fuse is about 2-3/4 inches tall.

PART 4 is a double-threaded steel adapter that goes between the brass fuse and the drawn-steel shell to connect them together.

When fired the shell was intended to travel a specific distance before the explosive charge in the base of the projectile went off and blew the balls straight forward in an ever expanding pattern, like a shotgun shell. The steel projectile was never intended to blow up as many artillery shells do.

You can see the condition of every part of this historic old shell and projectile in our photographs. We think it was assembled from four original fired parts and we would consider the condition to be very good.
The 75mm artillery shell consists of four separate pieces that all fit together in one unit. From information we looked up we believe that the antique projectile once held a load of balls called shrapnel because the inside is divided into a long compartment in the top and a short compartment in the base, and the base of the projectile is not open but is part of the sides. That makes it quite a rare piece of ordnance and artillery history, we think dating back to World War I.
PART 2 is the one-piece hollow drawn-steel tube and copper rotating band with a solid base, and a shouldered compartment in the bottom. Originally, a black powder charge was stored in the bottom beneath a diaphragm and the shrapnel balls were cast in resin above it. The explosive charge in the base was connected to the Model 1907M 21-second brass combination fuse by a central tube extending through the shrapnel to the diaphragm. With the brass fuse the projectile weighs about 9 pounds and measures about 2-7/8 inches in diameter by 11-1/2 inches long. The hollow steel projectile is marked near the copper rotating band 7898 98 S (in a circle) followed by a flaming ordnance bomb. Near the center it is marked AG 22Y over a V.
1943 USN Bluejackets manual
The shell we offer is a fired shell of exactly the same type as shown in the picture left, from the 1943 USN Bluejackets manual.
This historic inert 75mm artillery shell is **SOLD**

We will not ship this item abroad but will be happy to ship it to any address
in the USA for a foreign buyer to pick up or have it forwarded.



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