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Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler
1944 Soldatenfreund Taschenjahrbuch Ausgabe D
original owner from Cologne
Also called Soldatenfreund Taschenjahrbuch, Edition D was published by Adolf Spanholz Verlag of Hannover specifically for the Waffen-SS. Pictures of SS personalities adorned the inside of the front and back covers and the color section containing Nazi flags, insignia, uniforms, daggers, swords, etc. included nice sections on the SS as well as the NSKK, Hitler Youth, TeNo, Police, Army, Kriegsmarine, etc.

Certainly the best feature of this original Third Reich SS "D Edition" of the Soldatenfreund Taschenjahrbuch is the very lengthy section on the basic German laws pertaining to the SS and Waffen-SS. Those include the SS law for the protection of young girls (weibliche Jugend), the SS order regarding the last son, those pertaining to widows and orphans, the Law of Honor of the SS, the Order of the Reichsführer-SS regarding Comradeship, the founding of the Lebensborn Society (Lebensborn eV), etc.
The 1944 SS SOLDATENFREUND TASCHENJAHRBUCH for sale on this USMBOOKS web page contains 62 pages of black & white text, about 182 pages of daily calendars for 1944 (two days to a page), and 24 pages of flags, uniforms, insignia, etc. (total of about 270 pages). This book also includes a page of the paratrooper style insignia of rank for Waffen-SS troops - the style worn on camouflaged uniform smocks.
SS leadership career possibilities
The compact 3 x 5 inch, Soldatenfreund Taschenjahrbücher (Soldier's Friend Pocket Yearbooks) for the Wehrmacht are relatively common as they were made and distributed in great quantity to the men of the Army and Luftwaffe each year during the Third Reich. Far less common are the same almanac-style books for members of the Waffen-SS.
The original owner of this SS pocket calendar wrote his name and miscellaneous uniform sizes on the Merktafel on page 18 in pencil (shown above). One of the Notizen pages has handwritten notes on it, also in pencil. In the calendar portion of the 1944 SS Soldatenfreund, the dates 7 July as well as 12 -16 September (shown left) have penciled in notes as well.
Heinrich Himmer and Baldur von Schirach
This rare 1944 hardcover SS calendar with embossed silver runes on the cover is in very nice condition. Please note, Table 3 and Table 4 (one page) and Table 23 and Table 24 (one page) were apparently torn out and have been replaced by perfect color copies that are actually better than the original colored tables.

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This 1944 SS Soldatenfreund Taschenjahrbuch is **SOLD**
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