SS repatriation of ethnic Germans
Heinrich Himmler greeting ehtnic Germans upon their return to Greater Germany
This is an excellent first edition of the very rare 7-5/8 x 10-1/2 inch, 128 page, very heavily illustrated soft cover book Heimkehrer (Returnee) by Polizei Hauptmann Hans Richter as published by the Central Publishing House of the NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachfolger of München (Munich), Germany in 1941.
Following a foreword by General of Police and SS Obergruppenführer Kurt Daluege, Schutzpolizei Captain Richter explains the background of the Adolf Hitler / Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler plan to repatriate and resettle as many ethnic Germans or Volksdeutschen as possible from Bessarabia, Rumania, South Bukovina and Lithuania into Greater Germany.
Hitler made Himmler the Kommissar of the Office of Repatriation and Himmler placed responsibility for the follow-through in the hands of his SS and Police. Establishing entry points for the Greater German Reich in Graz, Belgrade and Trecks by Przemysl, the Sicherheitsdienst der SS (SD or Security Service) processed, logged, identified and passed on each and every returnee so that only ethnic Germans were permitted to resettled in Germany.
Once supplied with SD identification, the returnees or Heimkehrer were examined by medical personnel, evaluated, provided with necessary food and clothing and assigned to temporary housing where they could bathe and reassemble their families. Within days most boarded a Donau (Danube river) ship or a train bound for destinations deep within Hitler’s Germany where they could quickly be integrated into the local community.
With legendary German efficiency Himmler’s SS and Police overcame all obstacles in the orderly resettlement of thousands of “Home Comers” eliminating the possibility that Josef Stalin could use them as bargaining chips or canon fodder after the eventual German invasion of the Soviet Union in summer of 1941.
This is the best photographic book on the subject of Heimkehrer and includes all sorts of photos of the people and the process from a special greeting by the Reichsführer-SS, to refugee housing, transport, etc.

A rare Third Reich photo book, complete and in very good condition.
Nazi swastika flags
Waffen-SS Rgt Adolf Hitler PK photographer
Aryan children
Welcome to Greater Germany
Nazi Police
Nazi generals
Wilkommen in  Grossdeutschland

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