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This original 1937 Nazi publication about the RAD is offered for sale
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Schriften der deutschen Hochschule für Politik or Publication of the German College for Politics or Policy
Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD or German State Labor Service)
organization of the RAD
This original Third Reich book is from the series Schriften der deutschen Hochschule für Politik or Publications of the German College for Politics or Policy. The Deutsche Hochschule für Politik was a private college founded in Berlin in 1920 which during the Third Reich, among other things published educational books in plain language about the NSV, RKK, Reichsluftschutzbund, Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP, BdM, DRK, KdF, Reichskriegerbund, Reichskolonialbund, NSKK, OKW, etc.

The book we offer here is number 14 from the series, and is about the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD or German State Labor Service), published in 1937 by Paul Meier-Benneckenstein who from 1933 until 1940 was the President of the Deutsche Hochschule für Politik. In this 6 x 9-1/4 inch, 32-page soft cover publication Generalarbeitsführer Dr. Will Decker explains the goals, achievements and organization of the RAD.

Subjects covered are obligatory labor service for all young Germans ("Honor Service to the German People"), the different sections that make up the RAD, RAD schools, RAD ranks, female service in the Arbeitsdienst für die Weibliche Jugend, alternative RAD service, addresses for RAD offices in every Gau, etc. There is a list of other Deutsche Hochschule für Politik publications inside the back cover.

Rare and in very good used condition.



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