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Nazi Rahmenausweis
The Nibelungenwerke manufactured Tiger tanks!
Few collectors have ever seen one of these German World War II high security identity documents and fewer yet have even the slightest idea about what they are for. During World War II defense industry workers in Germany, like their counterparts in America, were issued fairly complex, non-transferable, hard to alter Identity Documents (IDs) .

These special IDs were effective in controlling access to plants that manufactured strategic products, materials or components. The universal style Defense Plant ID in Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler was the patented Rahmenausweis or metal-framed ID. The outer frame of these IDs is a single piece of thin blued sheet steel, embossed with outlines to make it rigid, which when folded top to bottom and crimped at each side results in a 3 x 4 inch (78 x 100 mm) rectangle containing three open panels. There are two panels on the front side and a single large panel on the back. As supplied by the manufacturer, the frames were stamped below the small panel on the right side with the words “2 D.R.P. AUSLANDSPAT.” This stands for Deutsches Reich Patent Auslandspatent which translates to “Patented in Germany and Abroad.”

Nibelungenwerk G.m.b.H. in St. Valentin
The rare Rahmenausweis ID we offer for sale here is number Ni 2 866* for Karl Freynschlag, born 27 December 1902, who worked at Nibelungenwerk G.m.b.H. in St. Valentin, Germany. The Ausweis was issued on 22 January 1943.

The front side of this ID bears a photo of Freynschlag. He signed the left side of the Ausweis. Precisely what Karl Freynschlag did at the famous tank factory is not mentioned.

Nazi Tiger tank
Most IDs of this type, including this one, contain backside information that often translates roughly as follows:
This ID allows the owner to enter only the Nibelungenwerk factory. It must be carried on the person of the subject at all times while on the job. You must surrender this ID immediately when your employment is terminated or when going on vacation. it is non-transferable. If this ID is lost, the subject must report the loss at once to the ID office.
This is one of the rarest Third Reich identity documents available anywhere. We have never seen another nor have we met another collector who had ever seen a Nibelungenwerk Rahmenausweis.

It is in very good original condition and GUARANTEED to be absolutely authentic unaltered Third Reich material of the rarest kind. It is from the collection of Josephine & Ray Cowdery, authors of the full-color Third Reich identity document guidebook, “Papers Please!”

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This Nazi Nibelungenwerke metal ID is offered for sale
for $595.00 delivered worldwide.
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