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The NS-Vermittlungsstelle was a department established in May 1938 to handle National Socialists' claims against the government. These records involved the so-called Legionäre, (Austrian Nazis who fled to Germany before 1938 and returned after Austria's Anschluss with Nazi Germany in the spring of 1938), heirs of killed or executed party members, and others.

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NS-Vermittlungsstelle Wien
The Bewerbungsfragebogen consists of a folder of four pages, each of which measuring 8-1/4 x 11-5/8 inches (A4). This questionnaire was completed on 18 June 1938 by Herbert Natter, born on 15 December 1907 in Sankt Lorenzen am Wechsel in Steiermark (Styria). He lists his basic education and 2 years at a commercial / vocational school while he worked as a tailor apprentice. He received his tailor diploma in 1927 and work for Master Tailor Karl Bayer until 23 January 1934.

When he filled out this Bewerbungsfragebogen he was not married, had no children and was living in Vienna.

Herbert Natter joined the SA on 30 January 1932 and the Nazi Party on 10 February 1932 (membership number 783656). He fled and hid in the mountains for four months to avoid persecution, however was captured and served a 1-½ year prison term.
NS-Vermittlungsstelle Fragebogen
Herbert Natter, Sankt Lorenzen am Wechsel, Steiermark
Nazi questionnaire 1938
His rank in the Oesterreichische Legion was Scharführer and when he filled out this Nazi form he expressed an interest in working in a shop or warehouse of the Reichsnährstand.
These Fragebogen formed a very comprehensive human resources file for the Nazi Party in Austria after the Anschluß and the information provided was thoroughly checked by the Gestapo. The Nazis could easily fill jobs in their hierarchy in Austria with reliable, experienced Austrians whom they could call home from abroad. Surviving examples are extremely rare. This one is complete with the original ID photo of Herbert Natter wearing his SA Nazi uniform with the SA Sportabzeichen.

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