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The NS-Vermittlungsstelle was a department established in May 1938 to handle National Socialists' claims against the government. These records involved the so-called Legionäre, (Austrian Nazis who fled to Germany before 1938 and returned after Austria's Anschluss with Nazi Germany in the spring of 1938), heirs of killed or executed party members, and others.
The Bewerbungsfragebogen consists of a folder of four pages, each of which measuring 8-1/4 x 11-5/8 inches (A4). This questionnaire was completed on 19 March 1938 by Anton Sabercnig, the son of Wilhelmine Sabercnig, born on 7 February 1908 in Eggenburg, a small town near Graz in Styria. No father is mentioned. When he filled out this Bewerbungsfragebogen Sabercnig was not married but noted that he would in April. According to additional information on this questionnaire, he had some schooling and several jobs but lost them due to police persecution.

Anton Sabercnig joined the NSDAP on 1 September 1933 and the SA on the same day, 1 September 1933. As a result of being a member of the Nazi Party when it was still an illegal political party in Austria prior to 1938 he was persecuted and finally fled to Germany to avoid further problems. In the Altreich (Nazi Germany) he joined the Oesterreichische Legion on 20 October 1937 and subsequently got a job as a watchman at Luftgaukommando XVII.
These Fragebogen formed a very comprehensive human resources file for the Nazi Party in Austria after the Anschluß after the information provided was thoroughly checked by the Gestapo. The Nazis could easily fill jobs in their hierarchy in Austria with reliable, experienced Austrians whom they could call home from abroad.

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His SA rank was Sturmmann when Sabercnig filled out this Nazi questionnaire in March 1938. Due to a kidney disease he expressed an interest in a job that would not require a lot of physical exertion. He also requested, due to his upcoming marriage to a Viennese woman that he be placed in a job in Vienna, not elsewhere in Greater Germany.
NS-Vermittlungsstelle Wien
Surviving examples are extremely rare. This one is complete with the original deckel edge ID photo of Ferdinand Reichl wearing his SA uniform. It is in very good condition with file punch holes and red markings by the Nazi officials who checked the information of this 1938 Bewerbungsfragebogen - see photos.

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