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Junkers Ju88
STURZ IN DEN SIEG - Das Wunder der Ju88 (Plunge to Victory - The Marvel of the Ju88)
Fallschirmjaeger in Norwegen
Generaloberts Ernst Udet and Luftwaffe Ace Werner Mölders
STURZ IN DEN SIEG - Das Wunder der Ju88 (Plunge to Victory - The Marvel of the Ju88) is a very rare 6-½ x 8-¾ inch, 424-page hard cover book by Leonhard Adelt who authored several other aviation books before World War II. It covers the design and testing of the airplane in the Junker factory in Dessau, flying, in action during World War II over the English Channel to England, during the African and Greek campaigns, supporting Nazi paratroopers in the north, and the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union.

Luftwaffe in action
DAK assistance
Edelweiss insignia
There are chapters about the May 1940 bombing of Rotterdam, Ju87 - Stuka, the Norway Campaign, repairs to the Ju88 after combat missions, the Junker Factory in Dessau, air battles over the Mediterranean, the fortress city of Belgrade, and the Soviet campaign.
The book is undated but the last date and event mentioned in the text is the participation of the Ju88 during June 1942, their 23,000 air attacks during Operation Barbarossa.
STURZ IN DEN SIEG - Das Wunder der Ju88 has 32 fantastic color illustrations - photos supplied by Junkers, Nazi State Archives and the Luftwaffe as well as original watercolor illustrations by several Third Reich artists. Pictured are Nazi Fallschirmjäger or paratroopers in Norway, air attacks during World War II, repairs to the Ju88 in several locations, the destruction of a British Navy cruiser from the air, a G38 over the Acropolis in Athens, a desert Luftwaffe airport in Libya, Ju88s landing on the island of Crete, a Stukageschwader on a Soviet air base, and even a color photo of World War I flying ace Generaloberts Ernst Udet and highly-decorated Luftwaffe Ace Werner Mölders before they both died in 1941.

This is a very rare Nazi color aviation book, complete and in good used condition. The color illustrations have not faded, are all there and none have been defaced.

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