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This colorful historic Nazi map was printed in 1940 and shows Adolf Hitler's Germany the way it was when World War II started. The country included Austria, Poland, Bohemia and Moravia, the Sudetenland, Slovakia.

This large historic map covers Greater Germany all the way up to Königsberg in the northeast, Lublin in the east, Rumania in the southeast, all the way south to Yugoslavia and Italy. Lake Geneva is in the lower left of the map, and the border with Luxembourg and the eastern part of Holland are the western edge of this map. The border with the country of Denmark is at the top. Includes cities like Danzig, Warsaw, Litzmannstadt, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Krakau, Przemysl, Lausanne, Strassburg, Trier, Metz, etc.
DDAC Strassenkarte von Deutschland 1940
1940 DDAC Mitgliederausgabe Deutschlandkarte
Cologne, Nazi Germany
The Nazi Strassenkarte von Deutschland shows all the Reichsautobahn sections that were under construction and completed in 1940, rivers, mountains and alpine passes, toll roads, distances, and borders, including the new borders in the east for the "German Area of Interest".

This full-color map was printed by JRO-Verlag München Carl Kremling in Munich for members of the DDAC (Der Deutsche Automobilclub), the German Auto Club in 1940.  The scale is 1:1.100.000. Folded out it measures about 17 x 46 inches (each panel measures about 6 x 9 inches).

It is in very good used condition. The colors are bright and none of the folds are taped. There is about a 1 inch tear where the map and the DDAC cover join.



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