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Have a look at many of the Nazi documents featured in this book lot!

These rare original US Counterintelligence Handbooks are **SOLD**.
USM book #490
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Nazi uniforms in color
CI HANDBOOK GERMANY  Restricted October 1944 Edition
Map of Nazi Germany
SS uniform


SA uniforms and insignia
INterior Minister and RFSS Heinrich Himmler
Nazi paramilitary organizations explained
HJ uniforms and insignia
NSDAP Political Leaders
Nazi paramilitary formations
Kripo, Gestapo
Nazi police uniforms
XXII Corps Counterintelligence Handbook
Nazi identity documents - Arbeitsbuch
Occupied Germany
IDs for travel in Occupied Germany
Nazi police
Occupied Germany travel restrictions
Nazi Wehrpass

The two rare American Armed Forces Counter Intelligence handbooks on this web page cover two very different sets of subjects. They are for sale as a lot.

The first book, CI HANDBOOK GERMANY RESTRICTED was published by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, Counter-Intelligence Sub-Division Evaluation and Dissemination Section in October 1944 to prepare American Counter-Intelligence Officers for the impending occupation and surrender of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

It provides the reader with an overview of the Nazi State and Nazi Party and their organization, the organization of paramilitary formations like the SA, SS, Hitler Youth, NSKK, NSFK and Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD). A third chapter covers various police formations such as the Ordnungspolizei (including the Schutzpolizei, Gendarmerie, Feuerschutz Polizei, Wasserschutzpolizei, Hilfspolizei, TeNo or Technische Nothilfe, Verwaltungspolizei), the Sicherheitspolizei, Reichskriminalpolizei and Gestapo. A fourth section covers the Abwehr, the Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführer-SS (SD).
There is then a very long dictionary of German abbreviations with complete German name and English explanations OTHER THAN those considered standard or those used mainly by the Wehrmacht. The dictionary of abbreviations is followed by 13 full-page, full-color plates of pictures of Nazi uniforms, headgear, daggers, gorgets, lanyards, collar tabs, shoulder boards and other insignia of various Nazi paramilitary and police organizations. It does not include color plates of the same material for normal German military formations.
In the back of the book are fold-out charts providing a detailed organizational plan of the various police units organized under the Reichsministerium des Innern, the Interior Ministry of Heinrich Himmler, a fold-out map showing the various Prussian and other provinces throughout Germany, and a fold-out map of the Wehrkreise or defense district and Gaue in Nazi Germany.
An excellent book for anyone interested in the American view of these subjects just before the end of World War II. A very rare book with a wealth of detailed information, and in far better than average used condition.
The second book is a very rare example of the XXII Corps Counterintelligence Handbook, Prepared for use in Occupied Germany by the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 Headquarters XXII Corps, US Army Germany, April 1945.

At the time this 5 x 7 inch, 40 page book was published in early spring of 1945 there was an overabundance of US field artillery in Germany and nowhere near enough counter-intelligence officers to deal with surrendering, defecting and beaten Nazi paramilitary organization members and the threat of sabotage, security and border problems. Personnel was recruited from within field artillery units and retrained for deployment as counter-intelligence officers.

This 40 page book was designed to prepare battalion intelligence officers for their administrative mission rather than their combat mission. It explains the division of responsibilities for the military government, the military police, engineers, etc. It explains border control, Rhine river control, security guards and explains restrictions on Germans who might endanger security.
The book contains samples of US Military Government of Germany forms and paperwork as well as providing information about the Nazi documents that CI officers would encounter such as the Wehrpaß, Soldbuch, Arbeitsbuch, Kennkarte, Reisepass, Führerschein, etc.
There is an interesting recap of the current situation and a long list of Automatic Arrest Groups, a table of comparative ranks, and examples of typical recent CI cases. Rare and in very nice used condition.

Both books include some pencil underlining or check marks here and there, but nothing that either obliterates any information or impacts the value of the material. From the estate of a World War II CI operative.


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