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This spectacular original 1937 Paris Expo Livre d'Or is offered for sale
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German Pavilion - Das Deutsche Haus
1937 1937 Exposition Internationale des Arts et techniques dans la vie moderne Livre d'Or
Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler
German Pavilion
Albert Speer architecture
This is one of the few surviving examples of the huge 2 x 10-1/2 x 14 inch, 530 page, 8-1/2 pound Official Gold Books which in spectacular fashion recorded the exhibits that were the central focus of the "1937 International Exposition of Arts and Applied Science in Modern Life". The very large coffee table size hardcover book is beautifully bound in burgundy imitation leather and printed on beautiful, heavy paper.

The first section introduces those responsible for staging the exhibition in central Paris in 1937 with an excellent text and hundreds upon hundreds of unbelievable photographs of modern technical advances.
Nazi German car industry
Das deutsche Haus
1937 Exposition Internationale des Arts et techniques dans la vie moderne
The second portion of the book from page 393 to 530 focusses entirely on the foreign exhibitors at the exhibition and a very large portion of those pages is devoted to an incredible, positive examination of the exhibit hall and exhibits of the country of Germany.
The German section begins with one of the last full-page portraits of German Chancellor and Nazi Führer, Adolf Hitler, before World War II. The text explains the work of architect Professor Albert Speer, and his colleagues such as Professor Schmid-Ehmen, and the design and construction of the Das Deutsche Haus or German Pavilion next to the then-new Trocadero. It is interesting in the 21st century to realize that the organization jury awarded Professor Albert Speer the Grand Prize of the Exhibition for his architectural model of the Nazi Party Day Grounds in Nuremberg.
Industrial prototypes
Hitler's freeways
In grand full-page photos and special multi-page photo folios tipped-in on the oversized pictures of the German section of the book, the elegant and excellent design approach, and advanced technical capacity of German industry and arts is depicted and explained in an extremely positive way. There are eagle and swastika stain glass windows, bronze railings composed of swastikas, a model of the new House of German Art, furniture, telescopes, paintings, sculptures, race cars, a model of the Olympic Grounds, train engines, aviation equipment, a Zeppelin motor, a restaurant, photos of KdF ships and KdF vacation hotels, and a bound series of eight photos of the Reichsautobahn, etc.
Soviet pavilion
Mercedes-Benz advertising
In addition there are gorgeous full-page ads from Siemens & Halske and Siemens-Schuckertwerke, Bayer Division of IG Farben, Telefunken, and a magnificent double-page spread by Mercedes-Benz.

The German section of this book is a treasure by itself, containing a great many pictures printed with rotogravure technology, that are not commonly found elsewhere. Many are reproduced directly on the pages while others are reproduced in booklet form and tipped-in on the pages of the book.
In addition to the German Pavilion at the 1937 International Exposition Paris, there are photos from the pavilions of Albania, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Belgian Congo, the United States, Spain, Egypt, the Baltic States, Greece, England, British Dominions, Italy, Luxembourg, Iraq, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Monaco, Rumania, Portugal, Poland, Argentina, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Siam, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Israel and Palestine, Uruguay, the Vatican and a great and splendid section on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR).

In the front section of the book there are in-depth features on the Trocadero, the Museum of Modern Art, French education, optics, aeronautics and aviation manufacturing both civilian and military, parachuting, glass, illumination, the various sections of France and their industries, the French Wooden Palace, French territories abroad, etc., etc., etc.

In every way, a spectacular book about a marvelous exhibition at a time when the French considered Paris the very center of the earth. The greater value of the book is certainly that it contains one of the last objective reports on the amazing comeback of the country of German as an industrial, military and social power not only in Europe but on the planet earth. By the middle of the next year it would have been impossible to produce a document on Germany of this kind. The Second World War was only months away. You may never have another opportunity to buy an examples of this book. Very good used condition.



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